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…Architecture is everywhere, in all our surroundings, thus influences or even defines the quality of our lives. The curve of a desert sand dune and the horizon’s line at sunset contain architecture.The proportions in our body and the circle of life reflect architecture. 

This concept, in combination with the Innovative Design Research and a Multicultural Awareness, have been our codes and guidelines since the very early years of our studies in Venice. We both graduated from the “Moorat Raphaël” armenian college: quadrilingual preparation, offering global education and discipline. We completed our studies at the “Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia” one of the brightest institutions of Italy. 

Nevertheless, life in Italy has been a school in itself. 
Initially dedicated to explore its architectural treasures, cultivating simultaneously our mutual interests in Music, Art and culinary skills, but being subject for years to continuous travelling because of our lives’ enrollment, we ultimately decided to continue developing our design capabilities through new projects in the fast advancing city of Kuwait. 

Bedros first, set up a small office in Salmiyah in 1988 for purely designing activities.
The very positive impact with his clientele and the maintenance of excellent quality in standards encouraged him to go further.
The landmark point in his career arrived soon after Kuwait’s liberation in 1991, when he was joined by his brother Koko.Together, they expanded the activity, started to work on “turned key” projects, and got involved energetically in the country’s rebuilding and embellishment process. 

Today we are based in a peaceful suburb, in a natural and colorful office environment where we spend a considerable amount of our time. Surrounded by the helpful draftsmenand colleagues - architects and engineers, we continue materializing our dreams and ambitions, always based on friendly and collaborative relationships with our clients.
A metal factory, an experienced carpentry team, a glass workshop and our capable foremen, provide our work with the best possible results and finishing, whether in a piece of furniture or in the most exclusive boutique’s planning. 
Because Architecture is everywhere... 

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